Låt aldrig livets bördor och motgångar belasta dig!

En musikvideo med ett vackert budskap som borde tas på allvar (se slutet för att förstå).
Det finns många tolkningar, de nedanför är kanske de bästa. Lär dig att leva efter dem!

It's all about life's journey. Hardship and suffering. The guy walking represents moving through life, his speech mirroring the madness inherent in anything anybody is passionate about.
The cars are the obstacles in one's path. Hard and uncaring, they knock you down everytime you turn around. Every so often you get one that tries to help but simply does not understand. Then, enlightenment. The peace and satisfaction of *knowing*. Of success. And you turn into the obstacle. Anything that knocked you down before simply crumbles.


It's about philosophy and how people approach situations in their life. They can choose to let things affect them (getting run over by cars) or they can choose to let go of their worries (coat) and realize that they're free and the outside world doesn't control you but you control it (end of vid).


They are constantly putting him to the ground, until he stands up and nothing can make him fall.


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